How do you do SEO for a video?

The progressive and surprising evolution of technology and digital technology over the last twenty-one centuries has made it possible for anyone to publish videos and photos with their computer or mobile phone. Thus, two people from different countries can see and like each other's photos and videos, especially if these photos and videos are well referenced. The following article shows how to reference a video. Read it!

The criteria for referencing

Video SEO is the process of optimising the content of a video on search engines, so that it is seen more by those who search. So, no more worries for those who want to get views and likes for their videos on search engines. However, it is very important to note that the biggest search engine is Google. The first criterion to better reference your video is the use of video keywords. Indeed, this technique is very practical. The use of the keyword makes it possible to quickly find your video. As soon as your keyword appears in a search, your video automatically appears as well. Then, the choice of the format of the video is also important for the referencing. Moreover, there are several types of format that you can choose, the face cam, the interview, the tutorial, the animation, the vlog. Finally, personalise and optimise the fields. It is very important to know how to choose the right titles to attract attention and also to have a good description.

Encourage people to like you and subscribe to the channel

Apart from these few techniques to make a video SEO, you can also make grievances or requests to your acquaintances who will see and like your video. This technique is now used by many people because it is very simple and very effective. To get a lot of views and likes, all you have to do is create a link on your video and share it with your friends and relatives who will also share it until the video reaches as many people as possible.