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Role of a Town Planner

A Town Planner is a person who has a knowledge of the legal structure of the town or city in which they work, as well as having knowledge about local planning and development issues. Often a Town Planner will also have special training in the area of sustainable development, housing and planning, transport planning and environmental planning. They are generally employed by planning organisations as planners, architects or consultants although many also hold down full-time positions in planning offices as well. A Town Planner Brisbane will therefore have knowledge of laws regarding planning, environment, building regulations, transport infrastructure and sustainable communities.

Town Planner Brisbane

The role of the planner in a town or city can be very different to that of an architect. For example, where an architect will have their own specific field of expertise within their building project; the planner will take that same project and extend it out to wider areas, planning for sustainable developments within those areas. Where an architect will be involved in drawing up plans and specifications for individual buildings and homes, the planner will actually implement these plans and designs, putting them into effect within the wider context of the overall planning and development strategy. This can sometimes prove to be very difficult for people to understand.

In terms of employment, a Town Planner can find employment in a number of different locations. The more expert the planner gets the more jobs they are likely to receive. However, this is not necessarily the case everywhere. A planner may start out in planning departments within councils, eventually working their way up through the ranks to become a Town Planner with a firm. This kind of progression means that the qualifications and experience of a planner will vary, depending on where they work and what they do.

A Ferrari Car racer by Day, Ferrari racer by Night

Without a doubt, Miroslav Vyboh would have been born to be a Ferrari car racer. And while he might not be able to qualify as one of those big time driving hermosopes of yore, he’s certainly on the fringes of auto history. For those of you who have never seen The Kid, or need to see a trailer for the upcoming film, here’s a little information. In the late sixties, Miroslav Vyboh was an auto accident victim.

The driver of a Ferrari has such a commanding lead over the other drivers at a race track

Vyboh fell and broke his leg, while trying to jump into a car in front of him. He was rushed to the hospital where doctors said he would never be the same again. Three months later, while still in the hospital, Miroslav discovered what would become his lifelong passion – driving. He took to the wheel of a brand new Ferrari, and got behind the wheel for the first time. Those who know him say that it was a life changing moment for him.

What does this mean for you? Well, if you’re interested in car racing, you should definitely check out what Miroslav’s story can teach you. There are tons of great websites out there, that will tell you all about the accident, and the incredible amount of determination that went into getting back behind the wheel. You can even buy the film if you like (it comes out on DVD soon after) and learn about what it takes to become a successful car racer, after such a tragic accident.

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