When you’re choosing the right graphite or high-quality pencils for your drawings, there are a few technical aspects that you should look at, so you end up with the best product possible. First of all, when you go to a department store to buy graphite or high-quality pencils, you should check out the eraser and pencil hardness grades that the store offers. You should try to stick with graphite that has the highest hardness grade, as this will give you more control over how much of the line you can erase. The higher the hardness grade, the less scratchy the end result will be on your paper.

How to Choose High-quality Pencils For Your Drawings

The second thing to consider when buying graphite or high-quality pencils is tip size. A bigger tip will make your drawing more precise and give you a wider range of drawing results. This is especially true if you’re drawing intricate details, like very fine lines or shadings. If you’re drawing even just a few basic shapes, you should choose a smaller tip to get a smoother result. This is not to say that you should never use a smaller tip on graphite or pencils – you just need to be careful about the final results and choose the tip size that gives you the most control.

Lastly, you should be sure to inspect the boxes that the graphite or high-quality pencils come in. Most box styles include a paperclip or other similar device for supporting the graphite pencil when it’s in the box. You want to make sure that the paperclip or similar support mechanism can be removed and that it will fit the entire size of the box without gaps or other defects. You also want to be sure that there are not excessive creases in the box which may compromise the accuracy of the finished drawing.