car phone mount

If you like a simple, unobtrusive car phone mount that is easy to install, then this small plastic car holder by Aukey is ideal for you. Just simply mount the magnetic black base on one of your rear air vents in your car, and then slip the stainless steel car cradle onto your dashboard. It’s super-easy to use, super quick to attach/detach, super-secure, super-finesse.


One of the main reasons that most car phone mount users go for the suction pad style (or suction gel mount if you prefer), is because of the fact that it is the cheapest. But that’s not all; the gel pad is also the lightest, so it’s perfect for use at home or in your office when you have some down time between meetings or just a break. The reason why gel pads are so popular because they are very easy to use and detach, so you can take them with you if you move and no one ever has to know where you left them. Also, the suction pad is great for keeping your phone in the perfect position, so you can reach the buttons without having to bend down.


Another car phone mount option from beam electronics is the portable cell phone holder called the Pulse detected cell phone holder. It uses the patented Soft Glow Technology to detect if you are holding the cell phones in the right hand or left hand and adjust the holding mechanism accordingly. It has an easy to clean surface, so you won’t end up with smudges all over your fingers and exposed screen. The holder has suction cups that help maintain the phones secure position and the integrated pivot mechanism will disengage the cell phones if necessary. This cell phone holder is super fast and simple to use because it uses the patented Soft Glow technology to detect which hand is holding the cell phones.