As if the general public doesn’t know it, the BMW DCT Transmission is made for those who love the performance and high-quality of a BMW as well as a safe and reliable way to handle their cars on a daily basis. In fact, this transmission is so safe that most auto insurers will give you a discount on your car insurance when it comes to buying one. This means that this car can be your everyday driver and that you won’t have to worry about getting into any accidents or having problems with your insurance because of them. It’s a great thing for anyone to own because it gives you so many benefits for a relatively small price compared to other types of car makes and models out there.

Why Is It Important To Choose The Right BMW DCT Transmission?

The main reason why these automatic transmissions are so popular with auto enthusiasts is the fact that they come in two separate transmission types which is a manual and a dual-clutch transmission. The first type allows you to shift through several gears while the second type has you engaging and disengaging the clutch manually every time you want to shift gears. This is what makes the second type of BMW DCT more desirable than the first one since you can be more hands on with the shifting process unlike with the first one which was quite tedious and time consuming. The manual transmission also offers some added advantages over the dual-clutch transmission. For example, you can shift gears without having to shift your foot from the pedals, which is a big plus if you enjoy being able to drive at a higher rate of speed without having to get down and back on the pedal just to change gears.

The downside of these automatic transmissions is that they tend to wear out much more quickly than the manual ones do. The reason for this is because they involve more power that is transferred to the wheel via the control electronics and more force is exerted on the wheels which causes the transmission to wear out much quicker. Another downside of the dual-clutch transmissions on BMW is that they tend to be quite expensive and are only offered on premium vehicles. Since they are so costly many people avoid them and go for the more affordable manual types like the stick shift transmissions. However, there are cheaper manuals that you can choose from so you shouldn’t immediately toss out your luxury vehicle just yet.