penile vacuum pump

The Penile Vacuum Pump is a surgically refined version of the revolutionary Penis Health Machine developed by Dr. Chris Gibson. The device is utilized to create and maintain adequate penile rigidity sufficient for successful sexual intercourse. Men suffering from erectile dysfunctions (ED) after treatment for cancer, including and after prostate surgery can also utilize the Vacuum Therapy System. This device is also utilized in treating impotence as well as in treating erectile dysfunction in men and women. It has been found to be remarkably effective in maintaining proper erectile functioning for a substantial amount of time. This device utilizes pulsating and targeted pressure to produce long-lasting intense penis vibrations.


To utilize the penile vacuum pump, first a plastic cylinder is placed on top of the penis and the cuff or ring is then fitted around the penile shaft. In a gentle squeezing motion, this plastic cylinder inflates allowing a suction to suck the blood flow into the cylinder and also constrict the blood vessels. Once the blood flow has been increased and restrained, it will then slowly deflate and inflate again causing the penis to assume a flaccid or erect state. After repeated stimulations, the penis will then shrink resulting in an increased blood flow and improved size and firmness of the penis.


The penile vacuum pump can also be utilized to treat erectile dysfunction in men and women by applying constant pressure to the urethra. This procedure can be done while the patient is under local anesthesia. The patient should ensure that the doctor or health care provider performing this procedure is experienced and knowledgeable regarding urologist devices. For patients who are considering this treatment options, it is advisable to discuss treatment options with your primary physician and ask for recommendations. Alternatively, if you feel comfortable with discussing treatment options with your family doctor, you may wish to speak with him about the uses and benefits of the penile vacuum pump.